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by Steve Lawson

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Carsten Pieper
Carsten Pieper thumbnail
Carsten Pieper Beautiful, sad tunes here. Steve Lawson commemorating the late luthier Rick Turner. Favorite track: Disbelief.
David Wright
David Wright thumbnail
David Wright 'Moving, beautiful & poignant ' was as much as I could come up with when I finished listening to this the first time. I felt I ought to be able to come up with something meaningful, deep & more 'worthy' of the album & what it represents, but there are times when the bare bones say it all. 'Less is more' is often said; sometimes it's true. Favorite track: Quiet Corner (for June).
Ed Webb
Ed Webb thumbnail
Ed Webb Mellow and reflective, as befits a memorial for a great craftsman. Steve allows the tone of the Renaissance bass to really sing here. Favorite track: Rickuiem.
Chris Powell
Chris Powell thumbnail
Chris Powell This album is a wonderful, moving tribute created following news of the death of Rick Turner, the maker of one the basses used on this recording. Steve's characteristic creativity and experimentation with both improvisaton/composition and with soundscape are here, but there is a particular tenderness born of the loss of a close friend. This is a album that is musically beautiful and emotionally affecting.
Disbelief 03:20
Rickuiem 07:41


A tribute release to mark the passing of Rick Turner, a friend and constant source of encouragement and inspiration for the last 20+ years.

The first two tunes are ones recorded immediately after I got news of Rick's death. Disbelief is what I felt for days afterwards - Rick felt invincible, we had plans for trips to Scotland, to Warwick Castle. Adventures. He was a huge presence in my music life over the last 20+ years. I wrote about it over at stevelawson.net/blog and the video is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=StEgECPC2sw

Rickuiem is the kind of terrible pun he'd have laughed at. Musically it takes the sound of the Ren - a very trad looking instrument - and puts it in the context of the kind of tech innovation that are under the hood. The preamp and pickup in it are truly amazing. All the processing here is from the MOD Devices DuoX. the video is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d66kFEwDHqM

I was going to do an entire EP of tunes using this incredible Renaissance bass he made which I've had for 23 years, but I realised that he influenced so many more areas of my music life than just making a bass that I play. We talked about looping a lot, he even connected me with Evelyn Glennie when she was investigating looping a marimba through a pickup he built for her. He was hugely complimentary about my fretless playing, outside of my playing one of his basses. And of course, pretty much every bass guitar made in the last 50 years owes a debt to one or more of his innovations.

So the last two tunes here are on my two Elrick signature basses. Go Your Own Way is on the fretless, and the title is both a comical nod to his connection with Fleetwood Mac and a reference to the constant inspiration to do things your own way, with conviction and research and passion. Almost no-one ever gave me the kind of nudge that he did, time and time again, to keep pursuing the things that matter to me in music. This is the musical equivalent of riding through semi-familiar lanes without a map, choosing turns on a whim and exploring with no agenda. The music meanders and unfolds in multiple directions, exploring the tone of the bass and myriad harmonic shifts as it flows.

Quiet Corner is for Rick's daughter Juniper, an inventor, luthier, musician, and 100% the truest manifestation of the best legacy that Rick left us with - his curiosity, passion, creativity and desire to take the best of every tradition and build on it with modern tools, tech and knowledge. June is the next generation of Turner geniuses and I can't wait to see how she changes the world ♥️ The video is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH4x8TRnayw


released May 16, 2022

Performed, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Steve Lawson at LawSound 2 studios, April/May 2022.

In memory of Rick Turner, 1943-2022




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