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Carsten Pieper
Carsten Pieper thumbnail
Carsten Pieper Another fabulous artist asking for support. He lowered the prices on his whole (vast) catalogue, so I'd propose to rise them some and meet in the middle ;-)
If you like Steve's work, but wonder if you heard enough of his solo works (honestly?), then I 'd like to point your attention to his collaborations, probably this one with sax player Pete Fraser.
Mostly on the calmer/soothing side. Great interplay, nonetheless!

To stick with the album's titles' theme: Today's bread is on me, Steve :-) Favorite track: Prove.
Rachel Rhodes
Rachel Rhodes thumbnail
Rachel Rhodes Exploration is the situation! Inspiring work. Favorite track: Prove.
Gerald L. Updyke
Gerald L. Updyke thumbnail
Gerald L. Updyke Many artists make their mark in a band and then go off and do solo work. I love that Steve established himself as a prolific solo musician, and is now doing more collaborative work. His wonderful fretless playing accompanied by Pete's sax is a perfect match. What else can I say? You should buy this, and all of Steve's recordings! Favorite track: Crust.
Tim ChippingtonDerrick
Tim ChippingtonDerrick thumbnail
Tim ChippingtonDerrick This is wonderful stuff. Seriously, have a listen.

Crust is a great opener. Make sure you have some decent speakers.

Autolysis is a joy - I love the juxtaposition of the restless initial undercurrent with the calm of the sax.

Prove is a monstrous journey, not a 'piece of music' It goes from some serene simple stuff with a very simple hook out to some pretty weird places.

Slash is just luxuriously glorious - the sax is sumptuous, and Pete wanders off on some fabulous languid lines Favorite track: Autolysis.
Günter thumbnail
Günter I like bass, I like sax. This spontaneous duet of two inspired and inspiring musicians, masters of their instruments, how they play off each other's ideas without overshadowing the other, is awesome.
johnnyh-dk thumbnail
johnnyh-dk So many things resembles my own band "Amnesia" and the way we play. We are just not up on this level yet and will probably never get there. Great inspiration. Cheers, Johnny
Crust 10:20
Crust: the first thing your teeth hit. Fresh, a crust can virtually shatter as the knife touches the bread.
Autolysis 08:35
Autolysis: a patient, well-rewarded half-hour spent doing nothing before you knead your bread.
Prove 18:19
Prove: the magic of leavening, and the excitement of seeing whether everything is working as it should. Till you see the dough rise, you're never totally sure.
Slash Patterns: the last thing you do before you put the bread in the oven. A kind of magical moment, you never quite know how the bread will interpret the cuts you've made in the oven. The moment where the infinite possibilities all explode.


The result of a single day in the studio - the only time we've actually met - this is the unedited (just mixed and mastered) result: we've changed the order, and moved the 5th thing we recorded into its own subscriber only release, but this is what we did. The whole conversation here for you to enjoy.

Bundled with the download is a PDF of sleevenotes, with some pretty extensive thoughts on that process. Feel free to read it through while listening.

The titles are all bread-making terms. I love the way Pete talks about his bread-making adventures on Twitter and Instagram, and felt a strong synergy between his culinary experimentation and the refining process and the way the music here came about. Maybe we'll get to make some bread together and film it for a conceptual artwork at some point.

Til then, you've just got the music. Enjoy!


released April 2, 2017

Steve Lawson - Bass, percussion/synth/strangeness/looping/sonic manipulation
Pete Fraser - Sax

Recorded at Studio 9, London - www.studio9sound.com

Mixed, mastered, engineered by Steve.
Produced by Steve & Pete




Steve Lawson UK

The UK's most celebrated and prolific solo bassist - alternating between solo and collaborative releases - have a rummage around and see what you find. The subscription is by FAR the best way to keep track of the many musical goings on!

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