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Alan Hall
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Alan Hall I listened to a lot of Steve Lawson's music before buying any. So easy to play in the background while browsing on the iPad. So many moods and good to hear it coming as played live. He gets a lot from a bass and its in HD flac. It was time to catch up on buying... Favorite track: Antidote To Everything.
Carsten Pieper
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Carsten Pieper Incredible collection of 10 shows of improvised music. Calm, dreamy stuff along with sonic explorations. Hard to believe what these two guys (occasionally accompanied by Artemis' vocals - you guess it, improvised as well) are able to grab out of the thin air. Geniuses someone said. I tend to agree! Favorite track: Towards The Sun.
Philip Graham
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Philip Graham Dreamy improvisations, an endlessly inventive music that encourages in the listener a special attentiveness. Favorite track: The Further Adventures Of Mantis And Stick.
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This is the first preview track from the album Fingerpainting. It's from the first concert from the January tour that Daniel and I did in California. The rest of this album will be that concert in its entirety (minus the two solo tunes for now) - 4 duo pieces and 3 trios featuring Artemis on vocals. When this album comes out - within the next couple of weeks - it'll also come with a range of pre-order options for further music, including ° A two CD 'best of' from the tour, ° A 3 CD set featuring the best of alongside 'Accidentally (On Purpose)' - our first live album together. ° A USB Stick containing all 10 shows that Daniel and I have played together (two from January 2012, and 8 from this january) ° The USB Stick, along with access to the dropbox where the nightly mixes of the album are being uploaded (along with download codes for each gig/album as it's finished) - the USB Stick won't be available til at least late-June/early-July, so this will give you v. early access. ° An 'co-executive producer' level that will give you all the above options, plus both of our back catalogs (all in around 50 HOURS of music!) and a listing on the CDs as co-exec. producer. As well as a MASSIVE amount of gratitude from both of us :) Full details of each of these will be on the site when the album goes live. The best way to keep informed about all of this is via my mailing list - sign up at www.stevelawson.net
feel it in your body something getting into you feel it in your heart just might move you begin something begin again


Recorded in Altadena, California on January 25th 2013, this is the first show from mine, Daniel and Artemis's 8-show January 2013 tour (so the 3rd Steve and Daniel show, but the first trio show ever!). This is all the duo and trio music from the gig.

Also available is a download set of the entire 10 album Fingerpainting set.

There's also a double CD set of the 'best of the tour', as well as the option to get that along with the download of every concert...


released May 2, 2013

Steve Lawson - fretless bass, looping, processing
Daniel Berkman - Gravikord, Kora, Ukelele, Handsonic, synths and cleverness.
Artemis - vocals on tracks 5 & 6.

Recorded in various houses, one coffee shop and one University dorm, California Jan 2012 & Jan 2013.

Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Steve Lawson




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The UK's most celebrated and prolific solo bassist - alternating between solo and collaborative releases - have a rummage around and see what you find. The subscription is by FAR the best way to keep track of the many musical goings on!

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