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Grace And Gratitude

by Steve Lawson

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Fuzzy the Amazing Sloth Rider
Fuzzy the Amazing Sloth Rider thumbnail
Fuzzy the Amazing Sloth Rider This album is sublime. Highly recommend it if you're looking for something mellow (or looking for something to run in the background as you do focused work).
Marc Taksi
Marc Taksi thumbnail
Marc Taksi I heard this story about a breaking band, being told that Brian Eno was at a gig to check them out for a contract. Afterwards he comes back-stage and gives his verdict: "I fell asleep". Band members crushed. Until realizing it was a great compliment, coming from Eno. I'm like Eno, in that respect.
Selecting ambient tracks for calm meditation and rest, there are two Lawson albums, both from 2004, that stand out to me. This is one of them! (The other one: Lessons Learned from an Old Feline pt II.)
peterzabriskie/DeepFrequency thumbnail
peterzabriskie/DeepFrequency Steve's premise to turn ugliness on it's head and see instead beauty. The same challenge we have today.
Thatch thumbnail
Thatch This was where I discovered @solobasssteve on Twitter and the music he made.

Never ever looked back and the subscription is the best investment I have ever made Favorite track: There But For The Grace Of God.
John C Arthur
John C Arthur thumbnail
John C Arthur I think Steve had just put this album out when I first heard him. I always enjoyed hearing 'Shizzle' live and its a nice word to say. The man oozes talent. Favorite track: Shizzle.
Andy Long
Andy Long thumbnail
Andy Long perfectly summarises the sound and the ideas that Steve was trying to capture at the time. Steve has a particular bass tone that shines through on the title track, the album captures a cocktail of ambience, melody, improvisation and sound exploration. I love Shizzle, There But For The Grace Of God and You Can’t Throw It Away. I also chose this one because one of my photographs is on the inside cover. Favorite track: There But For The Grace Of God.
The title track is a meditation on the two concepts central to the album. I think Grace and Gratitude go hand in hand. Grace being unmerited favour - if you didn't earn it, you have to be grateful for it, right? I'm the recipient of Grace on a daily basis, and I try to give as good as I get. Passing on the kindnesses done to me. Infectious goodness. Sometimes the hardest element of Grace is accepting it - we want to 'pay our debts', but if someone gives us something, we're lost for how to do that. Learning to accept it and pay it forward can help change the world.
Shizzle 05:27


an album inspired by the 2004 European Elections. Almost called 'Kilroy-Silk's a Bastard', but instead of focussing on the insanity of UKIP, I took their major problem, as I saw it - that being ingratitude for what they had - and turned it back on myself. So did a thematic album (don't say the 'c-word'... concept) about all the things I was grateful for.

The unifying theme of all of them, was that I didn't deserve any of them... hence the 'Grace' bit.



released August 1, 2004

Steve Lawson - bass/looping/compositions - yup, it's all just me and my basses :)




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The UK's most celebrated and prolific solo bassist - alternating between solo and collaborative releases - have a rummage around and see what you find. The subscription is by FAR the best way to keep track of the many musical goings on!

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