by Steve Lawson and Pete Fraser

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The result of a single day in the studio - the only time we've actually met - this is the unedited (just mixed and mastered) result: we've changed the order, and moved the 5th thing we recorded into its own subscriber only release, but this is what we did. The whole conversation here for you to enjoy.

Bundled with the download is a PDF of sleevenotes, with some pretty extensive thoughts on that process. Feel free to read it through while listening.

The titles are all bread-making terms. I love the way Pete talks about his bread-making adventures on Twitter and Instagram, and felt a strong synergy between his culinary experimentation and the refining process and the way the music here came about. Maybe we'll get to make some bread together and film it for a conceptual artwork at some point.

Til then, you've just got the music. Enjoy!


released April 2, 2017

Steve Lawson - Bass, percussion/synth/strangeness/looping/sonic manipulation
Pete Fraser - Sax

Recorded at Studio 9, London -

Mixed, mastered, engineered by Steve.
Produced by Steve & Pete




Steve Lawson UK

The UK's most celebrated solo bassist, here with lots of looped/layered solo albums, & collaborations, most notably with genius singer Lobelia. Dig in deep, there's a lot to discover.

Pretty much all the music here is 'Pay What You Think It's Worth', so listen as much as you like, & do what it says on the tin...

As the website strap-line goes, it's the soundtrack to the day you wish you'd had.
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Track Name: Crust
Crust: the first thing your teeth hit. Fresh, a crust can virtually shatter as the knife touches the bread.
Track Name: Autolysis
Autolysis: a patient, well-rewarded half-hour spent doing nothing before you knead your bread.
Track Name: Prove
Prove: the magic of leavening, and the excitement of seeing whether everything is working as it should. Till you see the dough rise, you're never totally sure.
Track Name: Slash Patterns
Slash Patterns: the last thing you do before you put the bread in the oven. A kind of magical moment, you never quite know how the bread will interpret the cuts you've made in the oven. The moment where the infinite possibilities all explode.