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Theoria (triptych i)

from A Crack Where The Light Gets In by Steve Lawson



The 'Triptych' of Theoria, Poeisis and Praxis are named for Aristotle's understanding of three basic activities of humanity - thinking, production and action... We imagine things, we makes things, we act... we cycle through those, combine them in different ways (acting on our ideas in order to make things, allowing our actions to coalesce into new notions of what it is to be human...)

Guided by curiosity and exploration, my music journey is all about all three - dreaming up new reasons, motivations and ideas, acting on those and exploring their usefulness through action, and making things - my ongoing recorded output is a story-telling project of its own, a metastory of what it is to be a musician navigating the world through sound, asking better questions...

Improvisation has been my musical model of choice because it allows for the greatest level of abstraction from the desire to second guess what music SHOULD be. Music just IS, but we get to listen back and learn its lessons...

Aristotle saw Theoria as the highest of human aspirations - theorising and thinking, above the base distractions of money and power, away from the clumsiness of actions, of ‘things’. The life of the mind, a clear mental space to dream and think and plan BIG.

I’m not sure I could separate out the thinking from the doing, but everything starts with thinking. Without that, or actions are guided by whatever cultural and philosophical flotsam and jetsam are floating past at the time. Without proper time to explore the meaning behind other people’s actions and creative impulses, we never get to apply new principles, new thinking, we just reaction to physical observations, which is very limited in form and concept. I’ve always been fascinated by cross-disciplinary thinking, by process and how principle is drawn from process. The space to explore all of that is the genesis of everything for me. That’s the home-base.


from A Crack Where The Light Gets In, released September 14, 2015




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