The Machines Have Fucked Us All

from by Steve Lawson



I vacillate wildly between being a techno-optimist and dystopian despair about the world as it is. I’m not convinced by the ‘social media is ruining our ability to relate to one another!’ stuff, in as much as I think we’re in a space where no-one has quite fathomed what the new social etiquette is around social interactions in a tech-connected world. I do know that an awful lot of marginalised people around the world feel far less alone than they would’ve done in the 70s and 80s thanks to the joys of the Internet.

But I’m also horrified by the explosion in state surveillance, by the speed with which we’re happy to embrace online vigilantism as long as those people are on ‘our’ side, without seeing that Anonymous and 4Chan are two sides of the same coin. We’re waking up to this a little in the dialog around Wikileaks’ decisions over the last few months, and the wider conversation within the US about good and bad whistleblowers. Alongside that we’ve got a nowhere-near-big-enough discussion going on about smart cities and data driven governance, as well as the unaccountability of transnational Internet companies...

So the titles is an exaggeration, while the music is a reflection on what happens if the dystopia wins out...


from Towards A Better Question, released January 17, 2017




Steve Lawson UK

The UK's most celebrated solo bassist, here with lots of looped/layered solo albums, & collaborations, most notably with genius singer Lobelia. Dig in deep, there's a lot to discover.

Pretty much all the music here is 'Pay What You Think It's Worth', so listen as much as you like, & do what it says on the tin...

As the website strap-line goes, it's the soundtrack to the day you wish you'd had.
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