Reconstruct (Piece By Piece)

from by Steve Lawson



Sort of a more practical reflection on the same them as Kintsukuroi - the process of rebuilding broken things - relationships, trust, world-views, self-image - is a step by step one. I have a tendency to want to assume that naming a problem is the same as fixing it. That self-awareness is the aim, rather than the very beginning of the process of self-repair.

It’s also a collaborative thing. Part of our progress comes through self-reflection and development, and part of it comes from reaching out to those who want to help, who are bound to us in so many ways, and with whom we’re on this journey.


from Towards A Better Question, released January 17, 2017




Steve Lawson UK

The UK's most celebrated solo bassist, here with lots of looped/layered solo albums, & collaborations, most notably with genius singer Lobelia. Dig in deep, there's a lot to discover.

Pretty much all the music here is 'Pay What You Think It's Worth', so listen as much as you like, & do what it says on the tin...

As the website strap-line goes, it's the soundtrack to the day you wish you'd had.
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