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Three Thin Cows

by Steve Lawson

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Onwards 06:22


First proper solo gig in over three years. Weirdly, I seem to have picked up pretty much exactly where I left off. My last gig was in Trieste, Italy in March 2020, and thanks to my own lack of knowledge about my set-up, I ended up with a terrible monitor mix (plus the somewhat legendary situation with half the audience leaving half way through!) but... i ended up with a recording that surprised me in so many ways, having thought it would be a write-off...

And here we are. following a three year gig drought (which may give some clue as to the title 🙂 ), first solo gig back, plagued by tech problems (all, of course, self-induced) and coming to the end the show largely happy with it as a gig/live experience but really not expecting to have anything to share recording-wise. Until I listened to it...

For those that were there, you'll notice that I've notched out the weird feedback frequencies that were appearing throughout the first track (they were in-key, but just cycling round and building up energy - you can hear them lower in the mix here where they are atmospheric not horrible!) There are a few other audio glitch things - it's not the most pristine of recordings, but it's got a vibe...

I've also - for the first time ever - 'fixed' two notes in Literally Shaking It Off - by fixed I mean I pitch shifted them back in key. And as my lovely friend JD deadpanned "I guarantee the original is pitch corrected here and there" 😂

So here it is, the whole gig. Entertaining warts and almost all... I really enjoyed this. More shows coming soon xxx


released March 27, 2023

Recorded live at the Art House, Southampton, March 25th 2023

All the things except the photograph - Steve Lawson

Tracks 1 and 2 are my Elrick SLC fretted, track three is the SLC fretless.

Photography by EJ Lawson.




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