Stepping Stones

by Steve Lawson

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...So what was a one-track release is now three... The 'Stepping Stones' are leading to what may or may not be a new solo album later in the summer. These are both stand-alone pieces and sign-posts to somewhere else, the now and the not-yet. Sometimes - often-times - the process of discovering where you want to be is more significant than actually getting there in the end - arrival is just a consequence of all the stuff that happened en route. These are en route. Villages to drive through on the way, monuments to stop and spend time with, to read into and ponder the meaning of.

A word of warning - Anniversary sounds *terrible* on laptop speakers. Really unpleasant. It's definitely a big speakers-or-headphones kind of track, with its clockwork insistence and incendiary melodic arc... Just so you know :)


released June 13, 2019

Steve - all of the things.

The bass is my Elrick SLC Fretless (on 1 and 3)) and SLC fretted (on 2), much of the sound processing is from the MOD Devices Duo, with additional support from the Sub Decay Vitruvian Mod, TC Electronic Flashback, Korg Mini Kaoss Pad, MXR Reverb and Bass Preamp and Pigtronix Mothership 2. Looping is from the Looperlative LP1, the drum sounds are mostly Mode Audio, except the water sample in Mid-Stream, which is from The controller is a Keith McMillen Quneo... :)




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