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Scenes From The Dystopia

by Steve Lawson

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westernelectricsoundsystem thumbnail
westernelectricsoundsystem The first of Steves albums I've heard. Completely transfixed - takes me to another place. 19 Crows - Sensational.
Archimedes Woo
Archimedes Woo thumbnail
Archimedes Woo Because 19 is the perfect number for a murder.
;-) Favorite track: 19 Crows.
Thomas Truax
Thomas Truax thumbnail
Thomas Truax I love it when you go into this realm that evokes something of a Blade Runner soundtrack vibe.
Jeremy Clarke
Jeremy Clarke thumbnail
Jeremy Clarke Steve's subscription deal allows him to do stuff like this: an album which is first one track, then days later two, then expanded to three. Then he makes another piece, decides it fits on the album, and expands it again.
Bandcamp is a great platform for musicians, all of whom should be looking at Steve's pioneering and highly creative use of its subscription service. He also uses Bandcamp's community section to foster comment, debate and... well, community among his subscribers. Check him out.
Ed Webb
Ed Webb thumbnail
Ed Webb Feels like now. It may not be the soundtrack for the day I wished I had, but it fits the days we are actually having.
Steve Yates
Steve Yates thumbnail
Steve Yates Waves of ambience and a glut of glitch. Lovely. Favorite track: I Don't Know What Day It Is But I Watched A Couple Fishing For Frisbees In The Park.
19 Crows 13:07


Here's what started out as a stand-alone track, but soon became two, and these may be the first two of many explorations of some of the darker sides to our present weird AF reality. This wasn't the intention when I sat down to play, but very quickly emerged as the territory du jour... So we'll see if more heads in that direction. If it does, I'll add it to this album...

The second track, 19 Crows, was actually recorded first, and uploaded as a video. I wasn't entirely sure where it fit, but with a little mixing and EQing, it sits rather well alongside Scenes Pt 1... They explore similar territory. It'll be interesting to see what happens to any future tracks, given my inclination to veer off in new directions when two things come up that are in the same space one after the other... Wait and see (ahh, the joy of sleeve-notes being an active, ongoing process 😉)

And now the third (and final) track - I Don't Know What Day It Is But I Watched A Couple Fishing For Frisbees In The Park - an exploration of the confusion and disassociation, the fuzziness and the struggle to bring everything into focus at this time, even the bits that are actually pretty good... (I'll explain the title in a Zoom chat soon :) )

They are all pretty dynamic recordings - left that way because the surprise elements are somewhat key to the theme...

Stay safe, good people x


released May 5, 2020

Cheers is filmed in front of a live studio audience.




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