No Through Route

by Steve Lawson



[EDIT - thanks to the overwhelmingly positive subscriber response, I've released this publicly for Bandcamp Friday! Enjoy!]

Here's an interesting one... or maybe not. It's quite possibly too long, but there's something about it I really enjoy, and it meanders through a ton of different places... The title, taken from this pic I took somewhere in the Lake District on my epic bike ride, refers to the fact that it never really escapes itself - it's an exercise in revisitation, in looking at the loop and all it implies and makes possible in multiple different ways.

It's an odd mix, in that the drums are REALLY quiet and the bassline disappears into the background from time to time, but given that it stays there for a really long time, it's probably just as well that's it's not out front making a nuisance of itself!

It's the first 'jazz' sounding thing I've done in a long time, though as is so often the way, it's not really jazz in any sense that anyone else might think to use it.

Do let me know what you think - I'm still listening to it and working out what's going on, I just thought you might enjoy digging through it with me :)


released November 2, 2021

Steve Lawson - toutes le choses.

All sounds bassy or drummy from inside the MOD DuoX.
Elrick SLC 6 string fretted bass




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