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Lessons Learned From The Fairly Aged Felines (Lessons Learned Pt III) 2021

by Steve Lawson

subscriber exclusive
Gentle Wins 05:40
Crotales 09:09
Mmmm, Catnip 06:41
Feline Zen 08:10
Requiem 04:10


Originally released in 2006 as a limited edition extra release with pre-orders of Behind Every Word, Lessons Learned From The Fairly Aged Felines was my first ever digital only release. As such, it was also a bit of a mess - I only released the audio as 128k MP3s, and for years the master tracks were lost. But I recently found them on an old hidden hard drive, so can finally remix and master them.

The only tracks that I couldn't find the masters for were Uncertain Ending and Requiem so they were remastered from the MP3 versions (eek!) but the rest have a new sheen. And Feline Zen I've added some reverb to, bringing the otherwise slightly lacklustre ambience to life

It's really interesting to revisit this music after 15 years - the overall tone on this album is significantly different to the first two volumes of 'Lessons Learned' recordings (both available here too) and is more reflective and melancholic. Pretty much everything here is a one take improv. For some of the tracks on Behind Every Word I recorded multiple takes of an idea, some with written melodies as well, as opposed to the more improvisational model at work elsewhere. These were pretty much exclusively improv recordings that existed in my head for as long as it took to record there. So they unfold at a slower pace than some of the tracks from the main album. They may require a little patience from you, but hopefully it will be rewarded.

The thing that really struck me though is how well recorded it all is - I've added almost no EQ to any of the tracks, other than a sub-bass boost on everything (sounded like they were mixed for vinyl originally!)

The 'extra disc' model was a really useful one back then for both encouraging pre-orders (when CD pressing costs needed to be recouped as quickly as possible!) but also to get more music out into the world than the 'normal' release schedule would allow - alongside the extra discs that came with Not Dancing For Chicken, For The Love Of Open Spaces, Grace And Gratitude and Behind Every Word there was also another body of work labeled the 'Street Team Stash' - which contained a load of other stuff that didn't fit the release model but which was of interest and value to those who were invested in what I was up to. I've found some of the masters of those tracks too, so we'll see what we can do about getting a Street Team Stash release happening soon as well!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane - there are some extra tracks that I'll add soon, curios found during the archeological process!


released March 4, 2021

Steve Lawson - bass, mixing and mastering.

For Spender And Gizmo - like all cats, they made such brilliant teachers. x




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