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Falling In Love With The Alien In The Mirror

by Steve Lawson

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David Wright
David Wright thumbnail
David Wright The 'reverse' sounds that Steve explores in this album give it a whole different feel. Eerie but entrancing. I've listened through a couple of times already. I probably need a few more runs before I could try to pick a favourite (and it may well end up with my usual conclusion that they are all favourites - each in a different way!).
BassBus thumbnail
BassBus This is Steve at his inventive best. He has a knack of picking fantastic sounds to improvise with. These tracks involve some very interesting sounds which are wound in and around each other producing incredible soundscapes. Something to sit back and let your mind wander to.
Steve Whitehouse
Steve Whitehouse  thumbnail
Steve Whitehouse my goodness this one is a cracker 👌 Favorite track: free.
won 07:31
too 17:07
free 17:36


Back in experimental exploratory mode, Falling In Love With The Alien In The Mirror is one of those projects that revealed itself as it went on.

The first part was in response to the discovery of a new plugin for the MOD DuoX that allowed me to use backwards sounds in a new and much more responsive way. Reversed audio has always been a thing that I found deeply evocative and I wanted to dig into that a little more. One track became two and then three and we have a long form meditation (I originally mis-typed that as medication which hopefully also works) on a theme that came from a comment by Carisa when I played the first track to her who said it 'sounds like falling in love with an alien'. The implication of something deeply personal and familiar and yet distant at the same time was one that resonated strongly, so that definitely informed the direction of the other two tracks. The idea of mirrors and the wider implications of the title came from the rather mundane source, initially, of the name of the plugin that allowed me to play all this backwards stuff - Mirrorz. But that mirrored quality, that sense that the audio rotated around a fulcrum and went from forwards to backwards, from action to reflection, from known to completely unknown but with the invitation to embrace that unknown, that all felt like it fell right in the middle of the experience of self-discovery after the last year or so.

So it's really a single concept, parts won, too and free, unfolding with different emphases and resonances. I really hope you enjoy it, but if you're mostly here for the stuff that sounds like songs without words, this may take a while to get a handle on ;)


released October 18, 2023

Recorded at LawSound 2, Sept 11-13th 2023.
Mixed and Mastered Sept 11-14th 2023.
All sounds from the MOD DuoX, Nordstrand Starlifter Preamp and Dunlop Justin Chancellor Wah.
Bass: Elrick SLC Mk II fretted 6 string, with Dunlop Superbright Nickel Strings.
Mixed/Mastered in Reaper using Blue Cat Audio, Baby Audio, Izotope and Boz Digital Labs plugins.




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