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Covid Brain Fog

by Steve Lawson

subscriber exclusive
End In Sight 16:46


It's amazing what illness does to our creativity. Am currently in the middle of COVID quarantine. Have played a little bass, but today it came together as an expression of the disorientation of occasionally severe neuralgia symptoms triggered by the COVID, and all the rest of the muscle aches, sore throat, earache, and general grimness...

It's an experience in three parts - Covid Brain Fog is is gnarly and confused and frustrated and a bit aggressive. Through The Haze is a fever dream, restless, disquieted, trying to be relaxed and failing, End In Sight is full of the hope and seeds of recovery and a return to civic life with the vestiges of discomfort and dis-ease still present - it's another gentler ambient piece, following on pretty closely from Through The Haze, with a similar point of origin (stuck in the house with covid - not much variation in experience there!) but with a very different sense of what I was connected to - this one is about the journey forward, not the anchoring of a diagnosis. It's another instance where the subscription offers the space to release two such closely related pieces. If I was making a CD, I'd probably have to choose between the two which one to release, but then we'd never get to hear the movement and exchange between them...

For those of you that love ambient music and gnarly electronica, I hope this will work as a 'normal' musical experience. For those that aren't, maybe it'll work as a soundtrack to a non-existent film about illness, as a sonification of the experiencing of COVID from a demonstrably 'safe' context, but with the spectre of long covid and undiscovered pre-existing conditions never far from the surface. I haven't seen much music that's been made as a direct response to COVID, but it seems like an amazing opportunity to respond to that which so many words have been spent on but so little else.

This is my brain on COVID...


released February 10, 2022

Everything - Steve Lawson
Recorded at LawSound 2




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