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A 20​/​20 Christmas

by Steve Lawson

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A 20/20 Christmas - because this one's going to feel like no other Christmas ever, right? What a weird time to be alive.

But also because it feels like there's a lot more going on here than just festive musical tropes. So 20/20 vision as well as the date. We've got nostalgia, spirituality, uncertainty, sentimentality, serenity and a healthy trip into the unknown. Christmas can be an amazing time, a celebration, a time of spiritual reflection, a homecoming.

But it's also a really uncertain or even downright miserable time for many. Loneliness, heartbreaking anniversaries if you've ever had a loved one die in late December, a reminder of just how broke you are and all the while surrounded by the John Lewis ad version of what being festive is supposed to look like.

So we've got a few of my favourite Christmas melodies here, recast in the usual wonky Stevie way. I hope you find something of your own Christmas in there.

As usual, these are live solo recordings - when I made the video versions, I thought I might re-record a couple of these, making them a little slicker, but over the last week or so I've come to love the irregularities and glitches in here. I hope you do too :)


released December 16, 2020

Recorded Dec 2020 at Lawsound Studios (AKA the corner of the bedroom).
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