Live At Tower Of Song

by Lawson, Edwards, Godfrey

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Recorded on August 10th, 2014, this entirely improvised show was the first time Jem and I had met - I knew of his work as a bandleader with Frost*, as a keyboard player with Satch/Vai, and as a pop songwriter for people like Holly Valance and Shane Ward, so our start point was a shared love of progressive improv and shiny pop music!

Andy Edwards and I have been playing shows like this for the last couple of years and have built up quite a rapport. Here he's using his Jobeki electronic kit, through a pile of guitar processing and pedals, to extraordinary effect.

The show is in three parts, with Part 1 up first - each part is a single piece, that evolves from a solo piece to a duo piece and then trio... This one starts with me... :)

Part 2 was added Nov 30th - see the description on the track itself for more about that. It starts with Andy...


released October 17, 2015

Steve Lawson - bass, looping, mixing, mastering, artwork
Jem Godfrey - keys, Chapman Stick, samples, genius
Andy Edwards - electronic drums and amazing ideas.

Photography by Rob Groucutt.




Steve Lawson UK

The UK's most celebrated solo bassist, here with lots of looped/layered solo albums, & collaborations, most notably with genius singer Lobelia. Dig in deep, there's a lot to discover.

Pretty much all the music here is 'Pay What You Think It's Worth', so listen as much as you like, & do what it says on the tin...

As the website strap-line goes, it's the soundtrack to the day you wish you'd had.
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Track Name: Part 2 - Edwards
...the opening of this is one of the maddest things I've heard Andy do... He's playing electronic drums, one handed, through a synth pedal, and repitching it with the pitch control on the pedal, with his spare hand, to play the line... Relentlessly inventive.

Another sprawling massive track that goes to some unexpected places. We HAVE to do this trio again soon :)
Track Name: Part 3 - Godfrey
...set 3, and it's Jem who started this one - layering samples, synths and Stick in an otherworldly sound collage. Yet more strange and wonderful places for the trio to explore!