1. Over Time
    Steve Lawson and Andy Edwards

  2. If They Had Won

  3. Intersect
    Steve Lawson and Pete Fraser

  4. Towards A Better Question

  5. The Surrender Of Time

  6. Referendum

  7. Diversion
    Steve Lawson with Jon Thorne

  8. A Crack Where The Light Gets In

  9. The Way Home

  10. Invenzioni
    Steve Lawson and Mike Outram

  11. Live So Far
    Steve Lawson and Lobelia

  12. The Quiet After The Drums
    Steve Lawson and Phi Yaan-Zek

  13. You Guys! Let's Just Talk About Nail Varnish!

  14. What The Mind Thinks, The Heart Transmits

  15. The FingerPainting Sessions Vol 2
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  16. The FingerPainting Sessions Vol 1
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  17. Nothing Can Prepare
    Steve Lawson and Andy Williamson

  18. For The Love Of Open Spaces
    Steve Lawson and Theo Travis

  19. Numbers

  20. Slow Food
    Steve Lawson and Trip Wamsley

  21. Grace And Gratitude

  22. 11 Reasons Why 3 Is Greater Than Everything - Remastered

  23. Believe In Peace

  24. Accidentally (On Purpose)
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  25. FingerPainting
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  26. The New Normal
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  27. ...Honestly, We Had NO Idea!
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  28. Serendipity
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  29. Hark/Winter (Christmas 2016)

  30. Everything Is Possible In This Best Of All Possible Worlds
    Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

  31. Live In Nebraska
    Steve Lawson and Lobelia

  32. Behind Every Word

  33. Ten Years On: Live In London

  34. Lessons Learned From An Aged Feline, Pt II

  35. Lessons Learnt From An Aged Feline Pt I

  36. Not Dancing For Chicken (2012 Remaster)

  37. And Nothing But The Bass

  38. Ley Lines II
    Steve Lawson, Andy Edwards & Phi Yaan-Zek


Steve Lawson UK

The UK's most celebrated solo bassist, here with lots of looped/layered solo albums, & collaborations, most notably with genius singer Lobelia. Dig in deep, there's a lot to discover.

Pretty much all the music here is 'Pay What You Think It's Worth', so listen as much as you like, & do what it says on the tin...

As the website strap-line goes, it's the soundtrack to the day you wish you'd had.
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